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Ayuda para sa Kapos ang Kita Program (AKAP) Launched

The Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) launched the Ayuda para sa Kapos ang Kita Program (AKAP) on May 18, 2024 to distribute nearly PhP 3 billion to approximately one million Filipinos.

Each beneficiary will receive PhP 3,000, aiming to provide relief from the unexpected economic challenges.

The funding comes from the 2024 national budget, marking the largest financial aid allocation in the country's history. The AKAP program is designed to assist those heavily impacted by rising inflation and economic instability, particularly minimum wage earners who do not have regular access to government assistance.

DSWD Secretary Rex Gatchalian emphasized the significance of the program, stating, "AKAP is a crucial initiative to ensure that our fellow citizens can meet their basic needs despite economic hardships."

The AKAP program underscores the government's commitment to providing substantial aid and fostering resilience among its citizens amidst economic uncertainties.

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